List of Services

You want to study abroad or just visit a foreign country, Shah Consultant can guide you and make sure your plans are worry-free. Look at the services we provide below:

Student Visa

We guide you with a hassle-free process that helps in selecting, applying, and procuring admission to foreign Colleges/Universities. Moreover, association with pre-requisites of admission process and other formalities is the most important concern at our point. With an extensive association with the reputed Universities and Educational Institutions abroad, we at Shah consultant Services, are well equipped to help you while selecting the most appropriate educational option and the preferred country. We aim to be a one-stop education center for students applying to the most suitable Educational Institutes across the globe which would best match their aspirations, academic profile, study goals, financial situations, and lifestyle. Further, we help you settle down after the successful completion of your studies. We move the endeavors to countries are given below: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe.

Visitor Visa

Be it any occasion, traveling abroad has always been adventurous. If one is planning to travel anywhere in the world, Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Permit is required but unfortunately, not every global solution provider gives easy concept of traveling. Many countries to fulfill visa formalities may call you to the embassy for interview. Sometimes even after long process, you may have to convince visa officer of the reason for visit to that country & authentication of the fact that you will return within allotted time. Shah consultant provides easy & comprehensive Visitor visa application process. Where one is not at all pressurized by Officers Q/As. So, only requirement is to clear a medical examination for entry. We, at Shah consultant, have transformed complicated visa process into simple & comprehensible one. Our trained staff will file a foolproof application for you so, you don't have to face exclusions & applicants can travel anywhere with ease.

Family Visa

Family Visa provides the authority to live and migrate from one country to another with all your family members. The presence of one or more family members in a certain country enables the rest of the family to immigrate to that country as well. The family reunification provisions at Shah consultant. are made to respect the right of a family to live together. The family visa service takes care of all the laws of immigration. Spousal immigration is another option of family reunification or immigration via marriage, where one spouse immigrates to the country of the other spouse. We help you reunite with your family and loved ones to join your relatives abroad. If your relatives hold a Permanent Residency or Citizenship status, all you need is a sponsorship letter from your relative/blood relative to file the application besides other requirements to be met. Thereby, the sponsorship letter helps in the execution of the family immigration process easily.

Dependant Visa/ Spouse Visa

A Spouse Visa also known as a Marriage Visa, enables spouses of Nationals and persons present and settled on Indefinite Leave to Remain to apply for leave to enter or leave to remain. We make the process of applying for all countries Spouse Visas simple. Our caseworkers have expertise in this category for over 20 years. The service we provide is fast, efficient, and affordable that's why thousands of people look to us when applying for a Spouse Visa. With us you face no hassle or hidden costs and just peace of mind and quality service to every client. If your partner has been refused before we help you to overturn the decision of the Entry Clearance Officer or the Secretary of State

Group Packages

If you have a group of friends or family that you spend a lot of time with and are considering taking a group vacation. We will manage detailed planning with patience, and a lot of communication between all parties, you can put together a group vacation that will be filled with good memories of fun times had by all - and your friendship will still be intact after the vacation is over. Here at Shah Consultant, we pride ourselves in providing a group tour with the best customized educational tours & Senior Class Trips possible. Every group tour is made with your specifications, and we always go the extra mile regardless of how large or small your group is. We work hard to meet your requirements regardless of whether your group has special needs, a specific budget, only certain travel dates, or any other limitations! Call us and take our services ..... and see why our groups keep coming back to us year after year!

Hotel Booking

We offer excellent Hotel Booking Services for Hotel Booking in India. Our great services are meant for various destinations across India to make your travel and stay comfortable. For any destination in India, we can book hotels for you. With our online Hotel Bookings, you may state your requirements and the best possible Hotel reservation deal will be offered to you. We invite you to come and be a part of our family. The success that we have achieved in our endeavors is attributable to the professional expertise and the sheer business acumen of our personnel for providing up to the mark Hotel Booking Services. Our main focus is basically on providing excellent Hotel Booking Services which have positioned us way ahead of our competitors in the industry. With the main motive of customer satisfaction, our professionals are working for research and innovations.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one's own country, or internationally. Temporary travel insurance can usually be arranged at the time of the booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip, or a "multi-trip" policy can cover an unlimited number of trips within a set time frame. Some policies offer lower and higher medical-expense options; the higher ones are chiefly for countries that have extremely high medical costs, such as the USA.


High growth Indian economy coupled with globalization has resulted in thousands of Indians going abroad for travel, studies, and business. Simultaneously, there is a huge inflow of foreign tourists visiting India on vacation and business. This has resulted in the need for a reliable and quality service provider for the purchase and sale of Foreign Exchange. Each one of them requires reliable, affordable, and convenient Forex services. At many places, there is no Bank or other facilities to avail of foreign exchange. India Post, with a network of more than 155,000 post offices, is best poised to offer Forex services efficiently and economically. Now India Post, in association with HDFC Bank, provides Forex services through select Post Offices across India. HDFC Bank is one of the leading providers of Forex services and through this association, India Post brings to the customers a range of Forex services professionally and efficiently.

Flight Bookings

The customer can book the Domestic Flight Tickets, through Shah Consultant based on availability. The flight ticket can be for one way trip or a round trip. Four passengers per ticket, at the maximum, can be booked. Payment mode will be either cash or Credit card.